Tuesday, August 19, 2008

del.icio.us project linking to WorldCat.org

I just heard that the collection of site-based research resources that our Environmental Studies program has created using del.icio.us (see previous post) is linking into WorldCat.org whenever it references a book or article (when the article citation is included in WorldCat). Many of these references are examples.

In some previous iterations of this project, they had been linking to references for books and articles in RefWorks. But such a reference isn't as useful for someone who finds this reference from outside our institution. WorldCat.org provides a nice authoritative reference point for academic resources because it provides the means to acquire the resource through your own library. Amazon often fulfills this role for books, but its nice to see WorldCat step into the picture.

I'm assuming that when Summit goes live on WorldCat Navigator, it will be easy to move from a record in WorldCat.org to that delivery system.

I know that WorldCat.org has loaded lots of journal articles recently. The more, the better! Someday, perhaps, it will be an "authoritative" location for journal article citations.

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