Monday, June 23, 2008

organizing research resources with

The Environmental Studies program at Lewis & Clark just moved to as their system for developing a collection of research resources focused on local and regional/international research sites. This development relates to my recent post on the systems that they have been using up-to-now for their Mellon Research Initiative.

The move to using generic Web 2.0 applications to push forward academic projects like this one and accessCeramics is interesting. These applications aren't built for organizational use in the academy, but they are so far ahead in flexibility, usability, and Web 2.0 philosophy of what we have to use within our academic specific software realm (RefWorks, Moodle, etc.) that they become compelling.

I like because of its flexibility and simplicity. One library uses it to drive their research guides (explained in code4lib).

Here's the L&C Environmental Studies tag cloud so far:


Emily said...

Ah! Smart! We started using to organize our web resources (slc_reference), but I hadn't thought of using to put together guides to library materials using catalog records. This is a great idea, and what I like most about it (and most about web 2.0 apps in general) is that I can implement this today if I want to.

Bryan's workshop blog said...

Agreeing with your East coast colleague Emily. Keep us posted.

Just blogged about this, too.