Friday, November 30, 2007

flexible furnishings

Many academic libraries are creating new, informal and flexible spaces that our catalysts for collaboration and intellectual growth. These spaces and the furniture which they occupy must be carefully balanced to accommodate the traditional printed volume.

A German firm has come up with what might be the perfect solution:

"Bookinist is a movable chair
designed especially for reading.
It is based on the principle of a pushcart
and can be rolled to a favourite
Ca. 80 paperbacks can be stored in
the armrests and the backrest.
Inclusive reading lamp and 2 hidden
compartments for writing utensils
in the armrests."

Thanks to Nikki Williams of Watzek Library for pointing this out.

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Robin Ashford said...

Cool chair, Mark. Librarians at my university are meeting to discuss "library as place" at the end of this week. Here is a post about our meeting and some of what I would like to include in our new library space: