Friday, November 2, 2007

EDUCAUSE wrap-up

I've been meaning to post a wrap up on the other sessions I attended at EDUCAUSE in Seattle. I attended a couple that were sleepers and a few other interesting ones:
  • one on a shared institutional repository for liberal arts colleges sponsored by NITLE. I observed that these institutions are having some of the same challenges surrounding "content recruitment" for an institutional repository as we are with our student thesis archive here at Lewis & Clark. It was clear that that these institutions had put a fair amount of thought and effort into this program, and it's too bad that they haven't had more luck filling up their repository. This makes me wonder, are institutional repositories a solution in search of a problem?
  • a surprisingly entertaining and well attended session on where students use computers at a liberal arts college. the guy giving the program had some scripts setup to gather an impressive amount of stats on computer lab usage at Claremont McKenna College. The lesson: gather data to support decisions. Also, undergraduates still use computer labs even with laptops.
  • a pretty cool demonstration of an interactive digital center in Kentucky; the guy showed off some impressive 3d visualization tools, mostly of machines and automobililes; it was all powered by EON software

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