Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Video for Seattle Pacific U Retreat

I thought that I would post this video, shot as an introduction to my article in the Spring OLA Quarterly on the "Evolution of Library Discovery Systems in the Web Environment." Seattle Pacific University Library is using the article as a discussion piece for their retreat.

Evolution of Library Discovery Systems in the Web Environment

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Mal Booth said...

Hey Mark,
I enjoyed your vid presentation for Seattle's retreat. I'm working on our new library for 2015 at UTS (Sydney, Aust.) and agree with what you say here. I think we do need to look at how some consumer services are being provided more simply and easily and then, as you say, go even further to assit our clients. MIT (& others) have shown how sharing globally can work, so I hope we can get over the tension between our local obligations and the true value in opening up on a global scale. Thanks for sharing this.