Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We just upgraded our Innovative Interfaces system to their latest release. One interesting thing to note: they removed some of the data that they were providing through the XML access to item and checkin (serials) records.

I wonder, is their intention to hinder the use of third party software with their systems? We had been using this data our course reserves application and our journal title search.

The upgrade also broke a few connectors in place with WorldCat Local, and WorldCat Navigator (we use for Summit). We're quickly repairing everything now. All in all, it shouldn't be too painful, but does demonstrate the difficulties of using a closed system like Innovative with other applications.


Peter Murray said...

Mark --

Can you be more specific about what disappeared? Was this in the old XSERVER XML gateway?

Mark Dahl said...

More specifically, fixed field data from item and checkin records disappeared from the xrecord= function.

Chinaza Chukwu said...

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