Saturday, April 25, 2009

The gathering storm

I'm on my way home from Kentucky right now after giving a presentation last night on cloud computing at a NITLE workshop on collaboration at Centre College.

Had a few interesting questions about the presentation:

  • in the 80 core/20 context scenario, aren't you simply dumping the context work on your clientele, especially with sending them to mainstream applications
  • in the 80 core/20 context scenario, won't most of your faculty, as is the currently the case, be uninterested in going beyond the basics of technology. What will you do for them?


Lorcan Dempsey said...

This is a nice presentation. The 80/20 stuff is a bit elliptical without speaker's notes.


Robin Ashford said...

Enjoyed the presentation, Mark. On slide 7 you mention that once more of our library services and resources are moved to the cloud our existence will be questioned (hopefully repurposed?). On slide 9 you show the library in 2020 with highly skilled, smaller staff. What types of activities do you predict for these skilled librarians? Do you also see librarians further working as content creators?