Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jumpcut cut

It looks like Yahoo is winding down its JumpCut online video editing service. I'm a little disappointed because someone just showed me some cool narrated slideshow projects done on JumpCut at a recent NITLE workshop. I was also going to write a post about how JumpCut, which had the ability to pull photos and video from Flickr, is an example of a web applications working elegantly with a digital asset management system.

Perhaps this is a sign that the recession is weeding out some of the free cloud computing applications out there.

It's not like cloud applications are doomed if they are not free, however. I happily pay $25/year for my Flickr pro account. Our library ponies up $50 a month for Basecamp.

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Bryan's workshop blog said...

That Lewis and Clark person did wonders, Mark, in the workshop.

One positive note about the Jaycut cut: they promise to keep hosting currently-hosted content.

I miss the easy mashup function already, though.