Friday, January 11, 2008

NITLE workshop on Scholarly Collaboration

I attended a good workshop put on by NITLE about two weeks ago in sunny Claremont, CA at Pomona College. No good excuse for not posting this earlier.

A few particularly interesting things that I've picked up at this workshop:
  • got a look at CommentPress, mentioned in a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed
  • a recent white paper on fair use, published by ARL, suggesting that academics should take a more aggressive stance on what's eligible for fair use protection; could have some implications for some digitization projects.
  • Homer Multitext project: an effort sponsored by the Center for Hellenic Studies to present multiple historical manuscripts of the Illiad and the Odyssey alongside each other. Faculty and students at liberal arts college have been heavily involved in the project. The fellow presenting on it made the case that this style of digitization was could be contrasted with the Google Books project: careful, thoughtful, interpretive, scholarly rather than scanning by the dump-truck load.
  • Anarchist Archives: a good example of a thematic digital archive sponsored by a faculty member; the model of a faculty member curating a digital collection is an interesting one; I can see some possibilities for it at Lewis & Clark

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