Thursday, April 26, 2007

flickr at the organizational level

We're attempting to build an organizational collection of images for teaching around here using MDID, which is great open source web-based software for teaching with digital images. It's got lots of features tuned to teaching the images in the classroom, many of which center around its presentation tool which allows for zooming and side by side display of high res images.

It's got two major flaws, as I see it:

  • It's a silo of data. Folks looking for images don't go to it first when they're looking for something.
  • The UI on it for organizing images isn't nearly as nice as Flickr. I realize this as I use Flickr more and more for my personal stuff. Though MDID has a personal collection feature, there's no way I'd recommend it over Flickr.
It would be great if Flickr offered some kind of organizational account that facilitated organizations building image collections within it. Or perhaps we need to make MDID work with Flickr. MDID could drop all the functionality that Flickr does better and just concentrate on the education specific features.

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