Thursday, March 1, 2007

proximity and the network

Dan Chudnov gave a talk on making library resources available for sharing like itunes does on a LAN. It was hard to immediately sense the value in this. He spoke of walking into a library and having access to the whole of the library. Isn't that what we get through our digital presence on the web?

But thinking about it more, I like the idea of our computers being able to sense services and resources based on proximity. What if you met you met a group to study and when on the same wireless network, had immediate access to others' personal digital library on an application like Zotero or the like. What if when you walked through a physical library, the web presence of the library changed based on the section of the building you're in. Suppose you're studying in the East European Language Reading room late at night and you notice that somebody else has a similarly esoteric set of references on Polish intellectuals in their shared digital library...and perhaps that's her across the room. Could be a good way to get dates.

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