Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Athens, GA

Just checked into The Foundry Park Inn in Athens, GA for code4lib 2007. Initial impressions of Athens are that it is a laid back college town along the lines of Madison, WI. We'll have to get out and explore more. Our hotel is nice. Sort of a colonial/plantation style that you wouldn't find in the pacific northwest.

The lineup of presentations looks strong, once again. This conference is really an incubator for new digital library services. There's a lot of unconventional thought out there about things we could do with existing data and services and I'm looking forward to wading in deep.

My esteemed colleague Jeremy McWilliams and I are going to try to find some trails to run tomorrow morning before the action starts. We hope to get a lightning talk about our top secret project, code named "Sherpa."

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